Sunday, 23 September 2012

WIndy Sunday

Half way through Day three of the pre-op diet-- not really hungry- as long as I don't think about it too much....  

I am sitting here drinking my black coffee-- which surprisingly is not as bad as I had figured it would be (I am normally a 2 milk 1 sugar kinda girl)  Weighed myself this morning and I haven't lost any weight--  I don't think I will weigh myself until right before my surgery so I don't get discouraged! (and it has only been 3 days-- I know I know!)

It is a beautiful fall day here-  sunny bright-- but also windy and freezing!  I could do without the wind-- it puts me in a predicament-- I would love to go and work with my horse-- but I get so nervous in the wind-- it usually isn't good for either of us!   And a hike would be amazing with the dog-- but I am also a little leery about hiking with high wind-- falling branches and all--  and then there is the grass to cut-- but the lawn mower was acting up the last time I used it!    And these are legit reasons- not excuses I swear-- SO I will keep my fingers crossed that the wind dies down in the afternoon, and I will check the mower to see if it is running.

Well its about time I drink some more water and then onto another shake-- 'yeah' ....

till next time.....

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Day 2 Pre-Op Diet

Day 2

Pre-op Diet

I am no longer excited about starting Pre-op Diet

I will not cheat----  

Only 12 more days to go....

That is all.....

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Today had the potential to be 'one of those days'

I had to laugh when I got to work and was changing into my work shoes- it was then that i realized that Ihad two different socks on ... My first thought was - oh no- its going to be one of 'those days'. Then it kinda made me laugh and I had to take a pictures!!

Nope I choose to not allow it to be one of 'those' days!!

Its amazing the power that you can have within your life when you take charge and make your own decisions instead of letting outside factors determine how you live!

I choose to have a good day- instead of 'one of those days'.

I choose to make today the day I wore two different socks and it made me laugh and smile all day!!

I will be back later this evening to post my pre-pre-op weight and measurements -- and (gasp!!). maybe some before pics ... then again maybe not--- I will have to wait and see about that one!!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

One day till pre-op diet!


Is it odd that I am looking forward to starting my pre-op diet?   I cleaned out my fridge of all the left over stuff that I wont be eating for the next two weeks (pre-op) as well as the following two weeks (liquids-then mushies etc)  Its nice to get the fridge cleaned out- it has been needing some attention for awhile!  I plan on giving it a good scrub tomorrow!

I have had three days of mind numbing union negotiations ( I wont say anymore about that--  just glad to have it over for a couple of weeks)  

Got out to see the horse on Tuesday- Man I missed her! I hadn't been out to the barn in over a week-- I saddled her up- did some ground work- and then totally chickened out about riding her-- man I really hope as I get more fit it will help me get over this fear of riding--  at this point it isn't really fear of riding my horse- its more that I know I wont be physically able to do an emergency dismount if needed-- and getting WAAY up on her back isn't all that easy either!!  

Man I love Autumn!   The best time of the year in my book-- followed closely by winter!   I have been getting out to go hiking with the pup-- I love watching the colors change!!  

A short post today- not sure what else to say today---  

till next time!!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Great Concert!

What an amazing night last night! The Crue and KISS! What an amazing show!! And the new Do definitely made me feel pretty rocker chick!! Suffering from slight dehydration and back ache from last night- but it was soo worth it!!

On to some shopping with my bestie!! r

Thursday, 13 September 2012

The new 'Do'

I am happy with my hair!! yeah!!

Not so happy about having to buy size 20 jeans- and a 2x top. :-(. oh well -- i will chalk it up to the style- and be happy that i feel hot in them!!

Motley Crue (and KISS). at 7 tonight!! yeah!!

City break!

Made it down to the city last night- what agreat mini break only 4 hours away!
I am at this very moment in the salon chair waiting for my hair to be transformed!! (finger crossed!) Ihave been going through some major debating as to wether I should go shopping for some clothing or not- since I don't plan on being this size for much longer it seems like a waste of money- however in the next couple of weeks I have a bunch of business meeting that I need to dress business casual for- which is hard for me- I wear scrubs at work every day! i am
hoping to find a couple of good outfits i can mix and match - hopefully on sale-- keep your fingers crossed for me!! !

I will post a pic of my final hair results when it is a done and over with!!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

OOOh how I LOOOVE extra short weeks!!!

OOOh how I LOOOVE extra short weeks!!! (YEAH!)

I am officially off for a long 4 day weekend at 330pm this afternoon!!

I am heading down to "the city" to visit my friends!  I lived and worked in 
the city (GTA ish area) for about 5 years- about 3 years ago I moved back to
"the country"  and by doing so I realized that visiting the city is much
nicer than living there!

I have been waiting for this getaway all summer!  And to top is off I am going
to see the Motley Crue/KISS concert tomorrow night!! YEAH! this will be my
first official rock concert! VERY excited!! 

I have also decided that I NEED a hair cut-- you know when you just get to the point
that you are tempted to start cutting your own hair-- I am at THAT point!
You see-- I had a wonderful- AMAZING hair dresser (Jonathan) down in the city... and for the first year I kept going down to see him (making the 4 hour trek...) and was very happy
but then he got his restate license-- I was making fewer trips-- and well I haven't
seen him in at least 8 months. And in those 8 months I have had some pretty AWFUL hair
cuts-  or just boring hair cuts-- a disaster incident with bleach blond streaks
(WHAT was I thinking!) so... I am a little bit leery of 'local' hair cutters-- because
all of them came with high recommendations from my friends/colleagues-- I have come to
the conclusion that I am pretty darn picky when it comes to my hair.  Maybe it is because I had been spoiled in the past by Jonathan- I could literally sit down his hair and say- make me beautiful- and that is what he did-- "sigh"  I miss my Jonathan...  ANYWAY-- I am jumping off the deep end and choosing a random hair salon from one of the malls close to my friends house-- I will have to let you know how that goes!!

I have just over a week before I start my pre-op diet-- I am actually looking forward to it- i know Know, I have heard the horror stories of the pre-op diet- but I guess I am looking at it as the true beginning of my journey!

Its is a really weird feeling to be so excited about something- but not being able to tell anyone!  I keep thinking that I need to tell my boss, but the reality is that I am part-time, I am entitled to vacation and (knock on wood) as long as nothing unexpected happens after my surgery I should be fully able to go back to my job without really having to tell her.  I figure I will cross that bridge when I get to it. 

I still have moments of -- OMG what am I doing-- but these moments are more fleeting thoughts, unlike before when it was a sinking feeling followed by a tinge of guilt.

There have been a lot of TV shows on recently about weight loss, and weight loss surgery which have given me a chance to focus on the why am I doing this, and the reasons that I over eat - I feel like I have really got most of these things straight in my brain-  I have been trying to really ask myself why I am eating every time I feel like I NEED to eat- I cannot wait to have my band as extra re-enforcement of the I am NOT hungry! 

Anyway- I suppose I should get to work--
  till next time---