Thursday, 29 August 2013

A Couple Days off..

Summer seems to have come back with a vengeance- hot humid and sunny-  Love this weather but the humidity sure does make my body hurt--  ever since my accident three years ago.  

I have been having some very odd eating patterns the last couple of weeks-  trying i get play prep done so that this weekend when I work I can stay ontrack.  Missed my Kettlebell class on Tuesday-  but managed todo a couple tabattas at home  yesterday-  tonight I will definitely make it to my Class-- even though my motivation is lacking!  

Weighed myself today-  no movement (up or down) for the last month-  the good and the bad I guess?? 

Will be taking pictures of my meals and posting them starting tomorrow-- 

A pic of my new  hair-do!! 

Till next time!! 

Friday, 23 August 2013


Hello Blog world-- amazing how time flies--

I have been busy the last while and obviously have let my blog slip... as I think most people do!  Lately I have been setting more goals for myself and have been struggling to find a place that I could have a fairly public place to post my progress to keep me honest... and I remembered my lovely blog!

The last post I wrote was the week after I had lapband surgery--  that was in October of last year.  Its funny - I have been happy with my progress-- and then I look back to this blog and look at the numbers-- and well its not all that impressive-- I will post the numbers but first I want to give you a break down of the year!

I really dont want people to think that I am just 'another lap band failure' because I am not-- my numbers have been going DOWN-- slowly I admit but they are descending and not ascending like they had been prior to my surgery.  I am greatful to constantly have a reminder that I must eat to live not live to eat.  I started kettle bell training (Russian hardstyle) In March of this year and have been doing that training twice a week since-- and have had some great improvements in my back health as well as overall body.  I had been (up until about a month ago) eating a Paleo/Primal lifestyle diet-- not bread no grains etc etc-- I still am pulling knowledge from this way of life but I find that when I am training (kettlebells) and running I need more carbs to recover and not feel sluggish-- So I am trying to find a new balance!

This May I also ran my first 5km race-- the slowest 5km EVER-- however it was a trail run and I had only been training on the road-- and apparently a trail run can add 10 minutes or so to you time!!  Anyway, it gives me room to improve.

So lets get to the numbers

My Stats---
Age: 28
Height: 5'7"
Weight as of August 14, 2012----> 270lbs  

Current Stats
Age 29
Height: 5'7"
Weight as of August 23, 2013 ---> 239lbs

So that means I have lost .... 31 lbs in just over a year-- I am NOT going to let these numbers get me down-- it means I have lost 0.6lbs a week for the last year-- better than gaining that much- I have also gained muscle in that time and have lost several pant sized-- my energy is amazing and I do NOT regret my decision to get a lap-band at all!

That being said I want to continue to improve my health and feel stronger (and hopefully go down a few clothing sized as well!)

SO beware-- I plan on using this blog to track my activity and what I eat-- :o)