Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Day 5 Post Op: Out for dinner with friends...

All day today I was changing my mind about going out with friends-- yes-- no--yes-no...

I had a rough night last night -- -gas pains-- - and I just wasn't sure I wanted to have to worry about going out for dinner and what to eat at said dinner.  I am 5 days Post op- so I am still in the  Full-Fluid stage of my post op diet.... 

Finally a half an hour before we were planning on going I set my mind to it-- I got this band so that I can change my lifestyle and change my outlook, change it so that my weight is not something that keeps me from being social and doing things I enjoy. The last thing I want is to start using my band as the excuse not to so things!  So instead of not going-   I had half a yogurt drink before I left-- and took one to go- just in case---  

We had planned on going to the pumpkin patch and corn maze-- but we got rained out- instead we went to Boston Pizza for dinner---  I ended up ordering the soup, chicken noodle (boo) and a smoothie-- and it was just fine!    No one made a fuss-- no one cared that all I ate was soup and a smoothie (and half of both I must note)  Man I would have loved to have a bite of the garlic bread-- but I dared not to!!  

It was so great getting out to socialize with friends-- it was just what I needed!  

My port incision is aching a bit- first time I have worn jeans since my surgery- Ouch!!  But it was worth it!

Anyway- feeling better tonight-- the walking I did today I am sure will help keep the gas monsters away tonight!! (fingers crossed!)

Hope everyone out there had a great Wednesday--   :o)

Till next time!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Sunday!

Happy Thanksgiving To everyone in Canada!

It is a beautiful sunny fall day here- I am on my third day post-op and (knock on wood) I am feeling pretty good.  Last night I was bothered by a bit of gas pain, but some Gas X and my wonderful heating pad took care of that!    

I am hanging out at my parents place at the moment- until tomorrow morning ( I haven't been feeling up to driving yet) and I am spacing my pain meds out a little too- I was taking them every 4 hours but I am down to about every 5 and a half and I am feeling better (less groggy!)  

No turkey dinner here for me-- not that I would even want to eat it if I could- don't feel hungry at all , but I am forcing myself to drink my water and my thin yogurt and protein shakes-- might try some carrot soup for dinner...

I had a few moments last night and this morning when I though- what have I done to myself?!  But now that I am not taking as much pain meds I am feeling a lot more myself!

I keep finding myself thinking I go back to work on Tuesday-- but I have taken a week off and don't go back until the October 15th-   Feels so weird not heading back to work-- that tells you that I needed a vacation!! (not that this is really a vacation!! haha!)

I keep finding myself looking at clothing websites and dreaming of all the normal size clothing I will be able to fit into!  :o)

Well I am off to sip some more water-- and some soup too.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Day 1 post op

Everything went great yesterday! loved my team at the SWLC! They all put me at ease from the moment I stepped in the door!

I arrives at 745 and was on my way back to the hotel by 1130 ish-- not bad!!

Pain isnt too bad- have a little gas pain this morning-- but nothing too out of control- thank goodness for pain pills!

Just need to get packing!
Thought I would share with you my hotel room with a view!!

Friday, 5 October 2012

Today is the day!

Today is the day I get banded- In an hour I will be dropped off at the clinic!! Still feeling confident- just hope I dont have a melt down once I get there (nervous about the anesthetic!)


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Great Doctor's Appointment!

Wow-- what a great appointment I had today!!

I need to back up a little and explain.  

Two years ago after moving back to my home town I had an accident (horseback riding) that resulted in me breaking my back.   

At that time I did not have a family physician in the area (I had one 4 hours away- however, with the distance it was quite useless!)    My Mom (a former nurse and the local hospital's administrators) called in  a favour to my former Family Doctor- to see if she would take me onto her roster...  

as in most placed in Ontario - there is a major shortage of Family physician in this area-- and all of the doctors in this area are not taking new patients--  thank goodness my Mom asked her as they had never formally removed me from their patient list (BIG bonus) so they said they would be happy to take me on!

Up until my back injury - I had basically had no other health issues-- so my yearly visit was all that I ever saw my family Doc.  

I have felt awkward talking to my Doctor - we will call her Dr.D.   as I work in the hospital with her and I am a firm believer that keeping a professional relationship is important.  But it is hard to do that when you work in a small hospital and Doctors eat with the rest of the staff in the lunch room!  Now don't get me wrong Dr.D has always been the image of professionalism-- but I just never felt really buddy buddy with her!    

Last March I expressed to her about my concerns about my rising weight and my achy feet and bones that related exactly to my weight issues.   She wanted me to focus on eating healthy and not necessarily losing weight--  yah--  cuz that was working for me so far... And that is when I started asking my friend K about her lap band again-- and I got the ball rolling-- it took me until July to get the courage up to actually go see the surgeon and see if it was a good options for me.

ANNNYWAY--- since July when I decided it was the path I needed to take I had been nervous about seeing my family doc- as she didn't know anything about my decision.   When I made my appointment to see her for my pre-op form to be filled out I was so worried about telling her about my decision!  My appointment  kept getting cancelled and moved-- which made me start being paranoid that she didn't approve of the whole procedure! (Crazy how the mind works) 

So- today-- two days before my surgery date (Thank GOODNESS my surgeons office is SO understanding)  I got in for my physical to have my form filled out-- and Dr D was AMAZING!  She did ask me some in depth questions- to ensure that I was fully informed about the whole process-- she said she would be happy to do my 2 week post op check up-- AND she even said she would be open to learning more about the fill process if I wanted her to --- I was in shock!  I walked away feeling on cloud nine--  I am even more confident in my decision!   I wish I hadn't over thought it so much!!  

At the moment...

I am packing all my must have things into my travel bag for tomorrow, my Mom and I will be heading down to the city tomorrow after work (we are staying in a hotel two nights)  I will have a chat with my patient co-ordinator tomorrow to make sure everything is in order and to be told my surgery time (I am really hoping for first thing Friday Morning)    I am also packing some extra supplies in case I stay at my parents house when we get back on Saturday (it will all depend on how I feel)

Got a cute set of new PJs today (don't worry- they were on super sale-- as they wont fit for much longer --tee-hee!!)  that I will wear on my surgery day-- I am so excited-- can you tell?! :o)

I better get packing an clean up this pig pen of a house!  I want to come home to a clean house !


Dr office

just sittin here in the doca office waiting.. glad to be actually here. - i had a hard time getting in here for an appointment for my pre-op form to be filled-- so dont get me wrong- I am
very glad to be here-- i just want to hurry up and get that form filled and faxed so that I will have ThAT weight lifted off my shoulders!!!

Pretty excited that friday is the day!! a little emotional- but its a happy emotional-- and i guess a little nervous energy too!

... still waiting ...

Monday, 1 October 2012

Things to look forward to!

I am still reading all kinds of forums and blogs about everyone's banding experiences 
and I think it is a important thing to make some lists... before, so that you can look back in those
moments of doubt and refocus! This is my things to look forward to as I start on my journey to my healthy weight ...

1. to feel healthy again
2. to make moving easier- how I love to hike, but it is so much harder with the extra weight
3. being lighter and fitter so that I can get on my horse without a mounting block
4. be fit enough so that I am confident that I could do an 'emergency dismount' if needed  
    from my horse
5. feeling confident in social settings- being less self conscious of my weight
6. travel- there are so many places I want to go, but my weight is holding me back
7. being able to go to an amusement park and not worry about the harness not fitting
8. getting out there and meeting new people-- maybe even dating  (oh my!)
9. high heels
10. being able to dance the night away-- 

I am sure there are lots more I could think of-- but 10 is good for now! ! :o)

The count down is on-- 4 days!!

Wowza!  Can't believe it!!  Four days- and I will be a bandster!!   YEAH!

I have been a little stressed--  still need to get into my family doc's office to get my pre-op form filled out- I was supposed to have it done three weeks ago but the office cancelled my appointment twice--  if they cancel again I may loss it on them!  (and that wouldnt be pretty!!)

Getting sick of sweet shakes-- and have no desire to eat green veggies anymore - tho I am making myself eat some--

Thats it for now- off to enjoy the nice fall day before heading into work!

(From last Friday) One week to go!

What an ... interesting week I have had!   This pre-op diet thing isn't too bad--  I am allowed 3 high protein shakes and up to 250 calories of low glycemic vegetables--  cucumber, lettuce. cauliflower. broccolie etc...     I have had to compromise a couple of time-- I had a business lunch meeting on Monday and it would have been pretty awkward to just sit there sipping my shake-- so I basically ordered a spinach salad with only the spinach and mushrooms-- and dressing on the side which I only dunked my fork in a couple of times--- not bad I figure-- and then on my way home I drank my shake ('yum')

At work I have been subject to a few questionings-- I just answer its a protein shake that I am drinking and that I am on a "limited ingredient diet".   Being in the health field most people figure that I am doing an elimination diet to determine what allergens I am sensitive to-- they can assume whatever they want.  

Last night was the only time I really felt like I was being put under the spot light with 20 questions--

   I had just come into work for the evening shift and there was a really nice fruit basket on the counter-- a thank you to the department.  A nice healthy thank you pressy-- not the norm around here-- and of course-- I'm not allowed fruit.  

  I had a couple grapes (I admit..) and then I guess I said something like "I shouldn't be eating these"-- and that is when the 20 questions began...  Why can't you have fruit?  Are you on a diet?  Are you trying to lose weight or what? All coming from a colleague and close friend of mine "N"

  It just struck me off guard- what I decide to put or not put in my mouth is my business-- 

  I know that from past experiences what her opinion about weight loss is- she is a truly strong person who when she sets her mind to something she does it-- boarder line obsessive.   We are both on our staff Wellness committee and one of our staff members had Gastric Bypass earlier this year- and we were sending her a get well card - at this meeting another member mentioned that she had been thinking about WLS-- and my co worker "N" made a pretty harsh comment about it being the lazy way out and basically shot it down.   

 It is a funny thing because I know that "N" has a cousin who as done really well with the band- but I guess it is just the "easy" way out in her mind!

AND this is precisely why I am not telling anyone right now about my band-- I have my parents and by friend "K" behind me,  and that will have to do for now!    Its a hard place to be in-- I am so excited I want to shout it from the roof-- and then I am also a little scared (just about the actual operation part!) 

It is a beautiful fall day here in Northish Ontario- the fall colors are beautiful!  I love where I live!  Out for a day of yard work and bulb planting!!

Till next time