Sunday, 19 October 2014


How interesting it is to see were I was in August of last year--- so many things have happend in my life since August 2013--- I am not going to attempt to recount them all in this one post!!

I had started this blog to keep track of my weight loss journey, I intend to continue to explore my journey to be come more healthy.   I am basically at the same point weight wise having a little bit of a set back the last few months getting over the demise of a long distance relationship that I had been involved in.   It ended with me having a very sad and rocky few months through the summer.

Amazing how we can destroy ourself and blame ourselves for things we dont have control over.  I am now starting to feel more myself-- getting my head back on straight.  I have also been starting to refocus on my health and fitness...

I am working this weekend, being on-call can be alittle rocky... however it has been a good weekend so far.. got a workout in yesterday and will be heading into the gym after I finish this post....

Here is a pic. from yesterdays gym session!!

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